Friday, April 8, 2011

Camera Critters

Hi! This is my first weekend participating in this particular meme, hosted over at Camera Critters.
This particular meme is to encourage posting pictures of all our favorite critters and creatures etc!

Since this is something close to my heart, I've decided to share more pictures from my trip to Eagle Hill Farm which is a local Equine Rescue. There are so many beautiful horses that have been rescued and that have found a temporary, loving home on this farm that it's just absolutely amazing.

Question of the week was "What was your favorite childhood toy?" I'm not sure I remember. I loved playing outside when I was little. Riding my bike and throwing a baseball around. And we played board games a lot. I played barbies with some of my neighbors. LoL. But I don't think I had a favorite toy. I'd have to say I liked them all pretty equally.

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