Friday, September 11, 2009

In The Beginning

I've been inspired by my best friend to create my own photography site. She doesn't KNOW she's inspired me to create such an ambitious thing, but she has. She's got her own as well if you want to take a look. BLS Photography.
That being said.
I've felt like my camera(s - I've had a few) were like an extension of my hand for quite some time. I've got sort of a "background" in art, if you will, with my major in college being Graphic Communications. But photography has been my passion for years and years. I started with pictures of sunsets and flowers. Easy enough right? They don't move. They don't run away from you. They don't have to be directed to move a certain way.
When my oldest daughter was born, I graduated from inanimate objects to... well... to her. And let me tell you, I took at LEAST 2000 pictures of her during her first year. I kid you not. Once she got old enough to move around, it stopped being so easy to get her to stop and say "CHEEEEEEESE" because, geez mom, I wanna move around. Right?
Hence my discovery of candid photography.
Just because she's moving around, doesn't mean I can't catch some awesome pictures.
By this time, my sister also had 2 little girls. And I spent countless hours photographing all 3 of them. It was difficult. I won't lie. Lots of drool, nose picking, blurry faces because they turned JUST as the picture was taken... but oh well. All I needed was that ONE shot that just said... wow. And I was good.
In between all of my little person picture taking, I was still snapping pictures of sunsets, clouds, and flowers... frogs that for whatever reason decided to camp out on the branches of the miniature trees on my front porch.
Fast forward a few years. Tons of my pictures have been put in frames (oooh big deal, haha). I've got a decent portfolio going.
My brother got married in August of 2008. He already had a photographer booked (despite me telling him I'd do it for free ::cough::), so I was resigned to take the pictures I didn't think the photographer was going to even think of getting. Surprisingly, a lot of those pictures happened to be pictures I usually see in wedding albums. So, not sure why she hadn't thought of them.
The pictures turned out great (after some editting to making them even better). And I had them all printed out and put in a wedding album as a gift to my brother and new sister - in - law.
The next month, my husband's boss asked me to take pictures for their wedding. Not as many photo opportunities because there were so many people running around ordering the bride and groom to do what THEY wanted (I'm sorry, I didn't realize EVERYONE was getting married), but they were happy with their pictures. Which is all that mattered.
So, I like to take candid photos. Absolutely love it. Because the people that don't know they're being photographed end up the happiest with their pictures. I love taking pictures of landscapes and sunsets and cloudy skies.
With a camera in my hand, I feel like I can capture moments... scenes... that no one would be able to see or even remember otherwise.
Anyway, that's just a little bit about me. Pictures to come soon! Enjoy!

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  1. OMG Tara! I had no idea I of all people were such an inspiration to you! YOU inspire me to be a better always have. I'm so glad that you made this photography site to share your talent with everyone. You are an amazing person with an amazing talent and I cannot wait to see what God does with you and your talent! I love you, Alanna and Lydie :)